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Hastem Marble established with the experience and knowledge of 30 years, has developed Yarı Mekanik® system which is highly practicable and low-cost when compared with the classical systems - that are hard to apply, cause much waste and loss of time and high costs - and has patented it in 2012.

Innovations Brought By Yarı Mekanik®

Yarı Mekanik® is a aluminum based, light, flexible, corrosion-enduring system which does not leave any space between the panels. Thus, it reduces the static load, absorbs the sight of outer walls. It is also rustproof and helps isolation.

It enables the use of panels (marble, ceramic, wood, glass, etc.) as thin as 8 mm. Thus, it reduces the unit price of the material and transportation costs.

The panels which will be used on Yarı Mekanik® system do not require standards in means of dimensions and thickness. Thus, it enables the design of three dimensional and innovative faces.

In case of any damage during assembly or life-time of the system, it enables ease of maintenance and repairing.

Yarı Mekanik® system reduces the total labor time when compared to classical systems and reduces assembly costs.

Yarı Mekanik® System

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Yarı Mekanik®